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Theatrical Muse prompt 289 Cheer Someone Up
BW nikki74
Spoilers for See No Evil

Abby is so easy to cheer up, so uncomplicated compared to most of the people I deal with on a daily basis. A kiss on the cheek and her favorite caffeinated drink are usually enough to bring a smile to her face. There are so many days that I need that burst of humanity, considering what we deal with on a constant basis. Rapes, murders, people putting greed before family.

Captain Mike Watson had given up everything for money. He’d had his daughter and wife kidnapped. They could have easily died. I know full well what it was like to lose everything that mattered to me—my wife and daughter. I’d do anything to get them back. And that dirt bag had just thrown away his.

I needed Abby now, more than usual. The team had no idea about my family, no clue of the emotions racing through me right now. It was much easier that way. I had a reputation as their leader, someone who wasn’t easily vulnerable. There was no way I could destroy that image. They needed it more than they realized.

I knew Abby would still be at work. The day had been hot, long, and tough for us all. It was easy to sneak up behind her, kissing her cheek.

“Gibbs!” she exclaimed, throwing herself in my arms. I pulled her in tight.

“You got any plans tonight?”

“No! Do you?” She gave me an appraising glance.

“Yeah. Taking you out to dinner at Café Atlantico. You ready?”

As she said “yes” and gave me a big grin, she had no ideas that she was the one cheering me up.


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