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Theatrical Muse prompt Prompt 287 Prison
BW nikki74
Leroy Jethro Gibbs--NCIS

There were things that were similar about most prisons. The cramped feel, the despair and heartache that leeched off every wall. But that was only the case for physical prisons. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had seen his fill of those. He worked to put dirtbags away in them every day. This sense of justice drove him when exhaustion should have brought him to his knees.

But that wasn’t the worst kind of prison. He was trapped in a prison of loneliness, of bad choices, of three ex-wives, two alimonies, a workaholic who only had his boat, bourbon, and basement to break up the quiet times, the times when the ghosts of his past pressed in on him, bars forged of bad decisions, of mistaking lust for love, bars created with his undeniable attraction to redheads who were completely wrong for him. Redheads who needed and deserved more. Redheads he couldn’t give his heart to because it belonged to his dead wife and daughter.

Some people said prisons had only four walls and bars, but Gibbs knew better. He’d build his prison out of heartache and loneliness, from the walls he’d put up so that nobody could get close. He’d spent much of the past eighteen years convincing himself he didn’t need more than he had, and now that he wanted—needed—more, he had no idea how to go about finding it.

He was trapped in a prison of his own making.


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