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Theatrical Muse prompt 291 Take Someone Out
BW nikki74
It is a standing tradition that I take Abby out every year on the night before her birthday. At first, I always chose the places, some near, some almost an hour away. After about the fifth year, she started picking place, always out of the way locations that surprised, and most often impressed us.

But this year was different. Her birthday was the only thing that was the same. This year we were burying one of our own. McGee had died when an op had gone very very wrong. His funeral was on Abby’s birthday. Instead of a nice dinner, she wanted the team together at Tim’s grave, offering a toast to him.

I’d agreed—reluctantly. Sarah McGee had given me the names of a few excellent places and after whatever ceremony Abby had planned, she and I were going out. The team could come if they liked.

So much had changed, but Abby was my constant, my rock. Ducky had retired a couple of years ago, leaving the chief medical examiner position to Doctor James Palmer. DiNozzo ran the other Major Case Response team and rumor had it he was on the fast track for a job upstairs, Ziva was high up in Israeli intelligence. My team was young, and even though I didn’t want to admit it, kinda spunky. Sarah McGee was the new probie, Dwayne Wilson would be my new senior field agent now. Our team had only been intact two years, but that was long enough to form some tight bonds.

We all stood in silence, new team and old, as Abby recited some words and shed a few tears. She and McGee had always been close. He’d even gotten a tattoo to impress her.

Abby finished her speech and we all lingered. Nobody wanted to break the mood yet. “Abbs,” I said softly and when she looked up, there was so much hope in her eyes. “Taking you out. Birthday tradition, remember?”

She gasped, her eyes filling with tears as she embraced me. “Can the team come along?”

“Course. Nobody I’d rather spend tonight with.”

And it was true.


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